Player Registration Winter League 2008/2009


Check Grade Level (as of September 2008):

1___   2___   3___   4 (8.5')___   4 (10')___   5___  6___ 7___   8___   9/10___  11/12___

Check:                     Boys___               Girls___

Check Ability Level:  A __ B __ C __ D___

Team Information:

Team Name: _____________________________________

Name of Head Coach: _____________________________

Player Information:

Street Address  
Home Phone  
Email Address  
Grade as of Sept 2008  
Date Of Birth  

Previous Basketball Experience (Check all that apply):

Developmental League:    1st:__    2nd & 3rd:__        4th:__            

Middle School:                Intramural:__    JV:__    Varsity:__   

High School:                   Freshman:__    JV:__    Varsity:__    

Positions Played:_____________________________________

I herby acknowledge that I have read the above information and all information entered is correct to the best of my knowledge. Any falsification of the information submitted will result in dismissal from the league without refund.

Parent Signature:____________________ Home Phone:________ Work Phone:___________

Players (if 18 or older) or parent (for those players under 18) must acknowledge that the Malvern Basketball Leagues, it's directors or referees are not responsible for any physical injury, if it occurs during any league sanctioned games. It will be the responsibility of each player to maintain medical insurance coverage in case of injury. Parent or player (if 18 or older) waive and hold harmless the Malvern Basketball Leagues for any damages resulting in any injury that may occur during a league sanctioned game or related activity.

Signature of Parent (or Player if 18 or older):___________________________  Date: _______________ 


        Applications will be accepted only if:

  • Application is completed in it's entirety.

  • Applications is given to your coach by the deadline of October 25th,2008

  • The $90.00 registration fee is included with the application.

  • Parent, guardian and/or player signature is included

  • Player quota has not been reached for the division.

The league will run from December through March. Games will be played on Saturday afternoons and Sunday afternoons and early evenings.
T-Shirts will be provided and properly sized by the league. 

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